Relationships are built. They don't just happen.

Relationships are built. They don't just happen.


My wonderful journey as a dad to my two boys has left me with countless beautiful memories plus a better understanding of both fatherhood and relationship building. I was deeply impacted by this understanding of relationship which is still growing to date. The building of any meaningful relationship takes work and conscious effort. 

This site shares much of this journey with you. It conveys my discovery of many facets of human behavior that helped me evolve as a parent and as a person.

Let this journey open YOUR discovery of what is possible with YOUR children and others in your life. Check in from time to time as we add more resources and opportunities.


The Dad Connection

The building of any meaningful relationships with our children takes work and conscious effort. The rewards are worth that effort.

This is the book that shows you how to build a bridge and a strong relationship with your kids that will last a lifetime.

Recipient of the Mom’s Choice GOLD Award – a benchmark of excellence. 

“Scott Hanley’s new book sheds a glowing light on how to connect with your children.”