Meet Scott

Author & Speaker

Scott Hanley specializes in building deep
and lasting relationships

Scott Hanley with his young sons.

Scott Hanley has worn many hats throughout his life.  His role as a single father, committed to raising healthy, inquisitive, energetic young boys may have been the most challenging but convincingly the most rewarding. As a professional building contractor with an active career, Scott was also a committed meditation practitioner using meditation to stay grounded and retain perspective.

His journey as a single parent offers a wellspring of experience, advice, and know-how that he shares with his readers and  audiences as he delivers talks and is heard on podcasts across the northwest and the country. He specializes in building deep and lasting relationships with love and respect at their base. He believes that most relationships can deepen and grow more meaningful when approached with a specific intent and commitment to build something great. This can happen between a child and their parent, a wife and husband, a brother and sister, or simply two friends. Every interaction is an opportunity.

Scott has managed his own nationally successful Mobile 4-star restaurant in Cincinnati, OH, a construction company in Cambridge, MA, a design and remodeling business in Portland, OR, where he was honored with the Contractor of the Year award all while raising two boys as a single dad.

His experience and personality earned him guest appearances on the award-winning ABC affiliate morning talk show AM Northwest leading to a permanent role as one of the show’s weekly celebrities. He added to his media work as ‘The Project Pro’ on KPTV’s Good Day Oregon

Scott graduated from Indiana University and included among his honors, captain of the Hoosiers nationally ranked rugby team and National All-Star Honors his senior year.

Scott currently lives with his family in Portland, OR.