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Scott Hanley, a single parent shares a wellspring of experience, advice, and know-how about relationships.  He has lived it, written it, spoken about it, and mentored other parents…all looking for stronger communication and connection with their children from the time they are little ones through adulthood.

He specializes in building deep and lasting relationships with love and respect at their base. He believes that most relationships can deepen and grow more meaningful when approached with a specific intent and commitment to build something great.

This can happen between a child and their parent, a wife and husband, a brother and sister, or simply two friends. Every interaction is an opportunity. 

In his talks, workshops, and keynote addresses…

Scott targets his content to match his audiences. For parents, for families, for couples, for colleagues in the business setting. All relationships matter and take time, trust, and respect.

Attendees will discover: 

  • How to build stronger relationships with their kids
  • That relationships are built. They don’t just happen.
  •  How to Build the Bridge – what is needed for the supports, the span, and the process so it will withstand and weather the storms.

These parenting events will help parents learn ways they can build, improve, and expand the relationship they have with their children from a philosophical and emotional perspective.

Top five things the audience will learn:

  1. How to expand your tolerance
  2. Ways to manage a demanding child
  3. The relevance of personal behavior
  4. Core strategies to creating direct communication
  5. Basic steps to begin building a quality and meaningful relationship

Top strategies to take away:

  • Three rules I used when raising my boys
  • The most important thing you can do as a parent
  • The building the bridge metaphor
  • Advice for single parents
  • How to stay connected to your child, even in the tween and teen years
To learn more and to schedule Scott Hanley for your organization or school event, contact Sharon Castlen for available dates, fee schedule, and how this works best for your audience.