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Connection – Part One: Participation

Two things happen the moment we encounter another force. This force can be another human, a puppy, a beautiful sunset or even a stunning rock formation – basically anything that has its own energetic feeling. These are independent and wildly different energy sources that we very often have the choice of participating with or ignoring.

Should we choose to participate then we are essentially choosing to have a “connection” to it, and we open ourselves to that connection. If we want more than contact, then we will be choosing to have a relationship with that energy force which will require building connection points. This is most prevalent with other humans or our pets. However, a “connection” to nature is a bit different primarily because of the nearly zero emotional feedback we get. For instance,  avid rock climbers can have an initial connection to a rock depending on the notoriety and/or its known degree of difficulty; and then begin building a relationship with it as they climb, identifying and remembering important and challenging nuances as they go. Often these marvelous “connections’ with nature last our entire lifetime and be extraordinarily meaningful.

Desire for Connection

Human to human is connection, in most cases, much stronger, more meaningful and requires a significantly different give and take exchange that can be extremely challenging – all starting from some initial desire to connect.

Human connection differs substantially in many critical ways. The relationship we build with our friends, for example, may depend on several crucial aspects like kindness, awareness, affection, attention, support, empathy and so on. Each of these aspects of the relationship, both individually and collectively, rely heavily on a purposeful  connection that we choose at the beginning of at the relationship and then begin using more and more as we grow familiarity. However, we still build and maintain this relationship from our initial desire to connect. This “connection” becomes stronger or weaker depending on the aspects that we use to express and relate our personal desire to stay connected. Desire for connection becomes the main component force of the bridge between two people.

I believe the strength and commitment behind our “connection” differs considerably with regard to the kind of relationship we are building. With our children, unlike every other relationship, we begin having a “connection” to them the moment we realize they have been conceived. We begin considering all the possible experiences and challenges. Many emotions enter and we start absorbing them as well. This is usually a beautiful period – it sets up the base line for the beginning of our physical and emotional connection.

Now It Gets Real

Typically, it doesn’t take long for both parents to establish a definitive and growing commitment towards this new very important relationship. This is where the beginning of the “connection” starts. We imagine our joy, our responsibility, and our commitment as these get quietly inserted into our connection. By the time this beautiful little human breathes its first breath our “connection” has already been established. Now, however, is when it gets real . . . what’s that saying: “where the rubber meets the road”?

We will explore the next steps of connection in Part 2 later this month.



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