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Dad and son planning


For some reason the month of May has always been the time of year when I begin to build expectations. The weather changes, school is drawing to a close, and

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building trust

Trust in Adult Relationships

Trust is a big, big part of most successful relationships. Although there is a significant difference between how trust is shown in a relationship with our children and with adults, trust is

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All you need is love written on beach

Putting Love into Action

In my last post, I talked about the work involved in creating a bridge of love between us and our children that can create a strong and lifelong relationship. If

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Family making a toast for a happy year

New Year’s Eve Commitments

I’m guessing that celebrating the beginning of the New Year is truly the only holiday-like experience that is shared with nearly every culture and location on the planet – at

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Dad and son loading tree on car

The Power of Sensitivity

December is a pretty interesting time when we have children in our lives. I lived in rural northern Indiana throughout my entire childhood, and I remember December as always being

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