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Seeking Balance As A Dad

In my book, I discuss building relationships and the amount of work and consciousness that is required. It’s not easy and often requires significant support. I imagine that for many first-time moms the euphoria and exhilaration radically impacts all their immediate and stored emotions.

It is a powerful experience. It makes perfect sense that this would certainly catalyze a major, and likely permanent, emotional change in their system. So much so that mothers would then have to find some way to assimilate. This can be extraordinarily difficult.

On a considerably lesser level I discovered similar emotional experiences on many occasions. As a young, single dad of two boys, I was challenged with critical behavioral issues and unexpected experiences. I soon realized that my job as a parent was going to be filled with opportunities to raise my consciousness and work to “build” a stable emotional bridge to both my boys, no matter what I was personally experiencing.

This perceived obligation overrode all others and fortunately helped me dissolve the need to secure the emotional comfort I had before the boys were born; because it just can’t happen . . . nothing is exactly the same again. It took me quite some time to work through some considerable emotional confusion to realize this. However, I also did not have to undergo any chemical, physiological, or cellular changes. My experience was purely psychological.



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